Vikas Kendra Chandrapur (IIYW)
Established in 1985
Vikas Kendra Chandrapur is a IIYW branch offering several projects to further rural development.

Rural Development Project
  • Government recognized Institute
  • Targeting poor boys and girls
  • 4 months machine typing course (English and Marathi)
  • Fee 700 INR per month
  • End of term exams are awarded with board certificate
Youth Clubs
  • 350 youth clubs in rural Chandrapur district. All youth clubs are legally registered by the assistant Charity Commissioner according to ‘Societies Registration Act’, 1860.
  • 15-20 members per youth club
  • Age range 18-35
  • The youth clubs offer games, education, health camps and health checkups, leadership training programmes, and conferences on issues such as agriculture.
Women’s credit cooperative
  • 600 shareholders
  • 100 INR share cost
  • Loans provided for up to 50000 INR
  • 15% interest per annum on loans
  • Average loan between 15-20000 INR
  • Average repayment period between 1-2 years
BRGF (Backward Region Grant Fund)
  • Funded by Maharashtra State Government and Central Government of India.
  • 3-4 training courses per month
  • Target groups:
    • Sarpanchat (village chief)
    • Uper Sarpanchat (assistant village chief)
    • Gram Panchat (members of local government)
  • 4500 members received training between March 2008 and March 2013
  • March 2013 – March 2014 target is to train 800 members

Self Helf Groups (SHG)
  • SHG’s were established
  • Activities include internal lending, health activities and checkups, awareness raising (STI & HIV/AIDS)

Vocational Training Programme

Target group:
  • Rural youth (both male and female)
  • Aged 18-35
  • Minimum entry qualification is completion of 8th grade
Courses offered:
  • 4 wheeler automobile training
  • 2 wheeler automobile training
  • Steelworks
  • Carpentry
  • Hospitality
After completion of the course, the youth are supported in finding employment

  • 6 month course: sewing machine training
  • 3 month course: leather bag making training

Health activities in forest area
  • 72 villages are covered in this district
    • Health camps
    • Free medication
    • Referrals to district hospital

  • Each youth should get employment at a reasonable salary
  • Rural as well as urban development
  • Rural people should gain good and purposeful knowledge
  • Every person should get health facilities free of cost
  • People should get information about Government schemes and their benefit to them and their family
  • Farmers should earn a sufficient income from their land, preventing them from becoming indebted
  • Women should earn a good income from their businesses
  • Panchayat Raj system should be strong enough to come to a considered solution in any dispute raised. (Panchayat Raj is a local assembly of respected elders responsible for settling disputes between villages and individuals)
  • Sustainable development should be pursued in order to cater for future requirements
  • To provide VTP (vocational training programme) training to 3500 Rural Youths
  • For all trained youth to start their own businesses or find employment as soon as possible
  • To add to the 350 villages already covered across the district

  • To organize and facilitate study courses, seminars, lecturer’s workshops, camps, as well as research and documentation on issues related to youth work, youth welfare, and youth services.
  • To organize health camps and provide health facilities to rural people
  • To organize VTP to rural & urban youth and provide self employment to disadvantaged groups.
  • To undertake activities/ trainings in the following fields:
    • Water disputes
    • Rural & urban sanitation problems
    • Health
    • Education
    • Agricultural and environmental matters
    • Rural as well as urban development
  • To conduct Panchayat Raj training to Gram Panchayat Sarpanchs, UP Sarpanch & Members.
  • To arrange typing training to poor rural and urban youth at very nominal rates.
  • To organize cloth stitching training to rural & urban women and girls.
  • To conduct training for farmers, regarding food processing and small scale industries, encouraging them to embrace new Technologies.
  • To organize trainings for women, educating them about small scale industries and providing financial support on a secure basis.
  • To establish youth clubs & Mahila Mandals (grassroots women's groups) to provide training, as well as encouraging them to get involved in developmental activities
  • To establish a women Self Help Group (SHG) providing orientation and skill training to launch their self employment.

  • We established 350 youth clubs which were registered by the assistant Charity Commissioner of Chandrapur.
  • We established 125 women SHGs. They were given good orientation and skill training, whereupon they started their own businesses.
  • We assisted nearly 850 unsupported women through our Institute under the Mother Headed Family (MHF) Project. They received small scale project training & financial assistance was provided. Presently, their business is running well and has received approval from the Government.
  • We established a Vindyan Mandal for women who are working in agriculture. We organized 24 Mahila Vindyan Mandal, with each catering for a 1000 women.
  • We successfully trained 4000 members of Gram Panchayats
  • 3200 Gram Shikshan Samiti members were trained in order to supervise schools in their own villages. (A Gram Shikshan Samiti is a local committee responsible for establishing and monitoring basic schools in its area. Its responsibility includes developing and improving existing schools.)
  • The established youth clubs supported the organization of government projects and schemes.
  • 850 unsupported women are working in small scale industries, where they are progressing continuously.
  • More than 700 youths found daily employment, which enables them to cater for their family’s needs.
  • 400 youths gained well paid government jobs.
  • In 250 villages, Gram Panchayats are working at their best.
  • In 320 villages, Gram Shikshan Samiti (VEC) members are maintaining a good supervision over schools.
  • 60 rural SHGs are running successful businesses.
  • We launched a credit co-operative for disadvantaged women.
  • Our organization gained a high reputation in the government sector.

  • To support rural youth in gaining employment
  • To strengthen farmers financial situation
  • To secure a broad participation whilst implementing schemes in villages
  • To encourage women to partake in the implementation process of schemes
  • To motivate rural youths to take up agricultural labour or small scale jobs
  • To change the mindsets of rural people and encourage them to take responsibility of their village’s development.
  • To raise awareness of the ‘Right to information’ scheme and to encourage people to make use of it.
  • To encourage women to launch small scale businesses.
  • To improve and expand the availability of high quality education for rural children.

  • Implementing MSRLMF (Maharashtran State Rural Livelihood Mission Forum); a new Maharashtran State government programme
    • To build on previous programme ‘Women’s contribution in agriculture’ which focused on introducing new technologies to farmers.

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