Gramin Vikas Prakalpa, Ralegaon
Established in 1988
IIYW’s Integrated Rural Development Project (Gramin Vikas Prakalp) at Ralegaon since implements various programs/projects and activities to further rural development. Ralegaon is located in the rural district of Yavatmal and the center has good infrastructure facilities consisting of a training hall, hostel, mess and dining hall. There is a farmers’ training center and other NGOs conduct their training programmes for women, youth development, workers and farmers in IIYWs facilities.

AIM and OBJECTIVESOUTCOMES The major schemes undertaken by the center during the year are as follows:

Anganwadi Workers’ Training Centre:

Started in 1988 and it organizes job and refresher training for Anganwadi workers and helpers who work at grass root level to provide ICDS services to the target group- woman and child. Aims are to enhance their knowledge, skill, performance, to provide efficient services to mother and children. Attention is given to confidence building and capacity building in Anganwadi workers and helpers.

1 Anganwadi Workers’ Refresher Training Course 18 585
2 Anganwadi
Workers’ Job
Training Course
1 24
3 Helpers’ Refresher Training Course 4 173
4 Helpers’ Job Training Course 2 54
Total 25 836

During the year Total 836 number Anganwadi workers and helpers were trained in AWTC, Ralegaon

Agriculture Project at Umred:

At Murdapur and Haladgao in Umred district, a DEMO PLOT has been established. At Murdapur, a demonstration area with regards to the plantation of bananas was developed and 1750 banana trees have been planted. At Haladgao, a mixed plant demonstration was conducted and experimental farming was introduced.

Under this project, the Kisan Self Help Group, consisting of 10 men who are involved in the Demonstration Banana Plot, was formed by World Vision.

As part of this agricultural project we organized various training programmes, namely, capacity building for 75 farmers, Self Help Groups strengthening training for 20 women members and an exposure study visit for 50 female members of SHGs. All these training programmes were funded and supported by WorldVision.

Various training courses, such as SHG’s members’ training, health training, farmers’ training were organized by the institute at Ralegaon.


This programme is supported by Dist. Rural Development Agencies, Yavatmal. This project has the objective to further rural development by raising awareness among Gram Panchayat (local government) members on the development of villages through the implementation of various government schemes.

We conducted 11 batches of training for people who are working for village development with the villages for example Sarpanch (village chief), Upsarpanch (assistant village chief) and members of Gram Panchayats (local government), Patwari (village accountant), agriculture officera, and forest officers. In total, 422 beneficiaries received training.

Balwadi Center:

The balwadi center in Shivara village was launched in 1991 and caters for children between 3 to 6 years old. 25-30 children are enrolled every year and focus lies on the overall development of the children. A learning by doing and playing technique is adopted for the development of the children.

Tailoring Class:

There are two types of courses - one is for six months and the other is for three months. This course promotes self employment among women and many house wives are taking advantage of the course. During this year, 46 women were trained and some of them even started their own business.22

Women’s Co-operative Society:

Established in 2002 for the purpose of uplifting the life of widows and poor women. Despite having a total of 458 members, it has been accredited ‘B’ grade. The society is run by women. 458 poor women are shareholders and at present capital amount is of Rs. 60,206. Additionally, 180 women received a loan to meet their needs and business purposes.

Self Help Groups:

This centre has 552 SHGs of women and 105 of men. The centre organized various training courses and programmes for the SHGs, for example skill training to start earning, nutrition, health, personal hygiene and environment etc.

As a result some of the women have started their own business and are earning between Rs. 1,500 to 2,500 per month.

Furthermore, the project promotes organic farming in villages and among SHG members.

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