Integrated Rural Development Project Gadchiroli (IIYW)
Established in 1989
The Integrated Rural Development Project is spiltted in four main projects:

RCH Project 3 Blocks 2 PHC’s 111 Villages
BRGF Programme 3 Blocks 3 P.S 200 Villages
CBM Project 1 Block 3 PHC’s 30 Villages
Integrated Project District 12 Blocks 1000 Villages

RCH – Reproductive and Child Health
BRGF – Backward Regions Grant Fund
CBM – CBM is an organization aiming to mainstream disability


The four main projects they offer a spectrum of different activities:
  • Capacity Building Workshop
  • Orientation Training Programme
  • Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Activities
  • Referral services Delivery
  • Public Hearing Programme
  • Information, education, and communication (IEC) Activities
  • Melava, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Data Collection
  • Legal Aid & Literacy Programme
  • Social Audit on Health, MREGS,
  • Self Help Group Promotion & Training Programmes

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