Mihan Khapri Creche
Established in 2010
The crèche is based in a labour camp. The labour camp and surrounding construction sites are run by the Mumbai Businessman Sapoorji Planji.

Mr. Palamji funds the free crèche for children between 6 months and 5 years through the IIYW. The crèche is very unique for this kind of setting and supports working migrant families. The crèche provides pre-school education to the children of labourers who have moved together with their families, and the IIYW delivers food and the staff’s salaries on a monthly basis, as well as funding necessary maintenance works. The staff includes a teacher and a helper who look after around 30-40 children between 10am and 5pm, providing them with stimulating activities and 3 nutritious meals a day. Additionally, the crèche provides free vaccinations to its charges. Since 2010, the IIYW is involved in this project. Due to the labour camp being situated in a remote area, away from schools and other facilities, the pre-school education offered is extremely valuable until the children go to school by bus from 6 years of age.

Additionally, the crèche has been the site of various activities and celebrations such as National Programmes, World Women’s Day, Environment Day, and Women’s cultural programmes.

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