Family Counseling Centre
Established on 2nd December 1995
The Family Counseling Programme operates in Sadar, Gittikhadan (Nagpur). The Programme’s activities include case registrations, awareness programmes, home vistits and Sub Committee Meetings.


Day by day, the exploitation of women is increasing in society. There is mental and physical abuse from husbands, parents in law, and other family member for various reasons including dowry issues. Sometimes, there are clashes between husband and wife, due to extra marital relations. Young girls are abused by so called “eve teasing”. Sometimes a whole family suffers due to an alcoholic/addicted husband, which spoils the education of children and the overall development of the family.

  • To register cases of violence against married ladies relating to grievances about divorce and torture.
  • Counseling is provided by the centre free of charge.
  • Support towards family grievances through discussions and advise.
  • Assistance in solving family disputes, social and financial matters.
  • Information about Laws for the protection of children and women by Rule, Regulation and Right.

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