Community Life Centers (CLC)
Established in 1978
The IIYW currently runs a number of CLCs in underdeveloped areas of Nagpur.

Sr. No. Area - Community Life Centre
1 Indora- Community Life Centre
2 Adiwashi Bairamji Town- Community Life Centre
3 Mariyam Nagar- Community Life Centre
4 Krishana Nagar T.V. Town- Community Life Centre
5 Sanjay Nagar - Community Life Centre
6 Ayodhya Nagar (Adiwashi Jambudeep) - Community Life Centre
7 Pachapawali Takkar Gram- Community Life Centre

Some of the above CLCs organized tailoring classes, typing classes, beauty parlor classes, dance classes, and conducted various programs such as personality development, Self Help Groups, Bhishi Society and economic activities for women who came to our centre. (Bhishi is a system in which members contribute money each month and each member receives this fund successively)

The CLCs focus on women and youth empowerment through organizing various programmes as well as observing World AIDS Day, World Women’s Day, Nutrition Week, Savitribai Phule (social reformer and women’s rights activist, 1831 – 1897) birth anniversary, as well as national festivals.

Various programmes organized in 2011-2012 were:
  • Programme on Training on Nutrition
  • Programme for Women’s Health Checkup Camp
  • Eye Checkup and Operation Camp
  • Awareness Programmes on Prevention of Swine Flu, Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and Family Planning
  • Life Skills and Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Programmes for Adolescent Girls
  • National Festival
  • Entrepreneur Development Training
  • Programme on Income Generation Activities
  • Programme on Income Generation Activities
  • Personality Development programme

The CLCs aim to further the development of women, youth, and children.

  • To care for the needy, the neglected and the downtrodden
  • To integrate community development
  • To provide skill training to women and youth in order to enhance their employment prospects
  • To provide pre-school education furthering the development of children

During the year 2011-12, CLC conducted various programmes for women, youth and children as follows:
Sr. No. Activities

Number of beneficiaries

1 Balwadi 145 children
2 Study- class 81 students
3 Typing- course 83 students
4 Henna- course 44 young women
5 Dance- class 17 children
6 Tailoring – course 102 young women
7 Beauty Parlor 135 young women
8 Self Help Group 436 women
9 Society 65 women
10 Bhishi Yojana 180 women

  • On the whole, the CLCs functioned very well and about 6000 people benefited through various programmes organized through them.
  • Through the CLCs, Rotary Club provided necessary materials and loans to 37 impoverished women to become self employed. This was very successful and as a result the women started their own businesses and earned a living for their families.

The CLCs have done such a fantastic job since they were launched in 1978 that their communities have thrived and some areas achieved a sustainable level of development so that there no longer is a pressing need for CLC services. This is a wonderful yet bittersweet achievement and the challenge for the affected CLCs will be to identify new needs in their communities or to relocate/close if necessary.


To adapt to a changing environment and achieve lasting change for the community.


CLC Indora
CLC Indora was IIYW’s first CLC. Today it is still going strong.
CLC Indora empoys 8 members of staff and offers the following programmes:
  • Nursery
    The nursery is open from 10.30am until 3pm Monday to Saturday and offers Hindi and English pre-nursery and nursery education. 20 children are currently enrolled (August 2013). The nursery costs Rs50 per month per child.
  • Beauty parlour classes (3 months course, Rs800)
  • Mehendi classes (application of henna hand art) 1 month course / Rs150
  • Sewing/dress design classes
    3 months course / Rs250
    6 months course / Rs75 pm
  • Typing classes / Rs150 pm
  • Bachat ghat (Self Help Group) Cooperation There are 4 Cooperations of 15-20 women, who hold monthly meetings where they collect Rs50 from each member. The cooperations give out loans up to Rs5000-10.000 at 3% interest.
  • Women empowerment programme Women learn about their rights and how to protect themselves. They have access to an advocate for support if needed.
  • Monthly celebrations for the community
  • Regular general health check-ups for the community
CLC Krishna Nagar

CLC Krishna Nagar is currently offering the following courses:
  • Nursery The nursery has enrolled 15 children at the moment (August 2013).
  • Tailoring classes 10 students are currently enrolled in the tailoring class, and pay a minimum of Rs50 per month. The tailoring classes last for a total of 6 months.
  • Adult education
  • Self Help Groups The CLC supports 3 Self Help Groups of 15-20 women each.
  • Computer Course
  • Mehendi classes (application of henna hand art)
The Rotary Club supports the CLC in its work.

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